WindJack Solutions, Inc.


Acrobat JavaScript Articles, Tips, and Tutorials

WindJack Solutions founder and President Thom Parker is an avid fan and well known guru of Acrobat JavaScript.  He was invited by Adobe Systems, Inc to be the host of the JavaScript Corner and a contributer to the site. In this capcity he wrote a range of articles on Scripting in Acrobat. In 2012 Adobe stopped supporting this site and folded the Acrobat forums into regular Adobe product forums. But the material on AcrobatUsers is invaluable, and can't be found anywhere else. Forturnately Adobe has left the site intact. The bulk of Thom's JavaScript articles are linked below. Many of the covered topics have been rewritten for the site, but not all of them, and these articles are completely free, including the example files. When you visit this site be sure to also visit the "Actions Exchange". The Actions exchange is a download list of Acrobat Actions, most of which were written by Thom.

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